We believe it is imperative to adapt the Recruitment hiring process to meet the unique requirements of each of our Clients.

Develop a Position Description
This is more than just taking details relating to the core duties of your vacancy. It includes understanding your culture and what type of people work best in your environment.


Database Search

Recruitment Cube has a sophisticated database allowing us to access Candidates that have been interviewed and fully screened and those who have applied for vacancies and have not yet been to our offices.

Recruitment Cube has a research department dedicated to identifying local and global talent. Where appropriate we will recommend an Executive Search campaign to locate the best candidates for you.

Interview & Reference Checking

Interview & “past behaviour reflects future performance” Reference Checking
Behavioural, situational and character based questions are incorporated within the interview profile in addition to identifying skill levels, thereby providing you with a comprehensive insight of a person’s characteristics that may represent future performance.

The Hiring Process

Once a hiring decision is made, we can assist with the presentation of job offer to ensure that the job is presented in the best possible light and that the candidate is feeling confident with their decision to accept.

Recruitment Cube also assists the candidate with resignation preparation and advice on potential counter offers. We then stay with the candidate all the way through their notice period to ensure smooth transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a guarantee?


At Recruitment Cube, we take the risk out of hiring and we are so confident in our Recruitment Process, we will cash refund our placement fee to you if a candidate does not progress past their probation period.


Don't Be Shy

If you would like a more consultative approach to assist you in the recruitment of high calibre business support professionals, please contact the team at Cube on 03 8414 8211 or fill in the contact form.